my week *this is MY town edition* 

here is my bridge, the williamsburg. this is the view from a park on grand street. i know i've posted pics of this before, but she's quite photogenic. especially when spring is tryin' to bust out all over.

last tuesday, jacquie and i went to see fujiya + miyagi at my mercury. this singer is from the opening band. his style and crotch positioning are unmatched.

this is my favorite cat to visit on the weekends. his name is carlos. he's a british short hair, and one of the coolest looking cats i've ever seen. he looks like a stuffed animal! look at those eyes!

my corner is blowin' up.

this was my first sunrise to see in quite some time.

this is my friend/nurse, jacque, taking out my stitches yesterday. the gloves and curlers are for sanitation purposes. you can never be too careful, kids. and remember, always watch your step when going down stairs.

yesterday evening i went to a taping of the colbert report, one of my favorite television shows, with some of my favorite people, jacquie osman and the schillers. afterwards i got to meet mr. colbert, and actually sit on the stage. awesome. one of the many benefits of hanging out with tom.

then late last night, after a wonderful day, i shut down my favorite bar in which to whip up a hangover, the max fish. here i am with my coloring book designer, josh webman.


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