my week. *spring? edition* 

just because i couldn't make it to sxsw this year, didn't mean that i couldn't see live music. we start off last thursday at lit, where my friends played a show. 'wolf and the wayside'. they're like weezeryish. this is from the green room.

art imitates life. this was calvin's last night in new york before he went on his sxsw adventure with jacquie and andrew (see the passing of the calvin in the video below).

nate's ears started popping.

on saturday night, we celebrated john mihaly's birthday. john is lily's beau. bullseye!

on sunday in carroll gardens, i saw this van. she's a fixer-upper.

last week i dogsat for olive and henry again. i'm everywhere:

on tuesday i went over to the black betty in wburg, and saw my friend james call and 'the missing teens' play a show. 'butcher slim' opened. he's a singer songwriter with very smart lyrics, and a voice that sounds not unlike frank black. so of course i dug it. the big box on which that man is sitting is called a 'cajon'. which means 'big box' in spanish. quite a unique name. my brother, pat, played one live in several shows when he was in the UK a few weeks ago.

this is a very special my week, because, HEY EVERYBODY LOOK WHO SHOWED UP AT ANNEX!!! IT'S RANDY!!!

on friday at some point during the day, i told nate that i was gonna get fucked up at annex. i was in that kinda mood. and how. i wish i had gotten escorted out of annex like jac a few weeks ago. instead i had to get carried out. i fell on the stairs and sliced my hand. five stitches. and my pants were wet from having a glass of water thrown in my face to wake me up from passing out because of so much blood. good times, good times.


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