my week. *march on edition* 

since i last left you, barbara has been taking it relatively easy. calvin did some crowd surfing at annex.

shortly thereafter, jac was escorted from the annex.

aaron sampled a new sound for robot repair: anger.

john and lily made a rare appearance. a rare, but stunning appearance. they look just fabulous.

here are the two winners from jacquie's oscar party. but when it comes to the oscars, does anyone REALLY win?

aaron took me to first fridays at the guggenheim on...well...friday. because aaron is a 'dual member', we got to skip the line. i'm going to try to make 'dual member' a part of my daily vocabulary.

on friday, tom made a friend at piola.

my brother pat was in england for about a week. he was flown over to play some live shows with a band that he recorded. here he is at the smallest pub in england.


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