my week *thank heaven for 007, edition* 

so 2006 went out with a sobbing whimper. and i can't say i was sad to see it go. but before it ended in misery, it had quite the finale. nate rocked out with his...well...you get the idea.

andrew and i had a date at the garden. we saw stephon marbury beat the utah jazz with a layup at the buzzer. thanks andrew!

aw, look at the shiny happy people holding hands on a beautiful day at the park! or is it amoeba tag? whatever it is, the last person that hasn't been tagged is the winner. and remember, kids, second place is the first loser.

this is my cousin's daughter, lauren. she's nine, and loves puppies, and nature, and little romps around grandma's house.

...and bugs.

everyone was thrilled as new years came around. and you know what that means...masks!

i was quite happy to burn my mask, and all of the troubles that came along with it. so glad to see it go, and i'm so excited to delete the past, and start anew. good riddance.

my favorite part of flying back to new york.

the moon. at 30,000 feet. and a bed of clouds. not the best picture, but it means something to me. i've had my tantrum, and i'm really glad to be back in new york amongst my best friends in the world. here's wishing all of you LDTers a happy new year. and if you had a great year, or an awful year, or somewhere in between, i hope 2007 is even better for all of us. starting right now. let's do this.


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