my week *ow ow ow ow ow ad infinitum edition* 

really, there wasn't much going on this week that didn't involve miss jacquie o, and her incessant birthday partying. so this is a photo ode to 'o' if you will. friday night we met up for a pre-game warmup, but instead it cooled down, and started snowing. the first real snow of the year. (sorry for the redundancy for those of you that have seen the flickr page. but jac's party WAS my week.)

tom is an aspiring electrician. he could re-wire your entire apartment if you'd let him. your lights might not work, but it would be funny somehow.

dude, remember in saigon in '68 when you dropped all that acid and tripped balls and danced all night. AWESOME! oh wait, that was in new york...? two weeks ago...?

back to new york, and jacquie's b-day. these are more acid casualties from jacquie's offical party at 'sweet paradise' on saturday night.

birthday girl in all her camo gear.

hold me!

and the party continued. unfortunately barbara and i missed brunch on sunday, but made it out to dinner on monday. as always, tom was just happy to be there.

thumbs up soldier! another smash(ed)ing birthday success!


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