my week. *007: i have a dream edition* 

all that's left of 2006.

allow what?

...and give us this day, our daily bread, and a smashed tomato in nate's hand, and a strawberry margarita.

so jac, what'd you do last night? did you go out and...oh...sorry.

on thursday, my friend james call played at otto's shrunken head. this is one of many costumes that james wears onstage during his performances. how!

on friday night, jacquie, nate and i took vodka showers at the ruff club party at annex. afterwards we went for some pizza, but first jac had to get cash.

insufficient drunks.

on saturday night, jacquie o and nate and i went to see pan's labyrinth. a beautiful movie. one of my new favorites. very sad, yet uplifting at the same time. you'll want to take a trip to rainy spain, and also start to believe in magic. i'd highly recommend it to everyone. i then went to have dinner with natalie and the schillers. introducing CALVIN! let's everyone give him a nice warm welcome, as you'll all be seeing a lot more of him from now on.

we close out the MLK jr. three-day weekend with another night at max fish. hey everyone, remember the last time we went to max fish? me neither. but jac sure plays a mean pinball.


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