Bring out your dead 

The Lower East Side Ecology Center is having an e-waste recycling day in Union Square on Sunday. Take your old tech stuff there to be recycled.
1. There's tons of toxic shit in all our technogeeky stuff and throwing it away means it goes to landfills and often ends up in water supplies.
2. That same stuff, those heavy metals etc, cost a lot (in money, and in environmental damage) to mine and manufacture and throwing that away means we have to dig out more of that out of the earth.

Stuff they take will include working and non-working:
- Computers (laptop & desktop), servers, mainframes
- Monitors
- Printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
- Network devices (routers,hubs, modems, etc.)
- Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables,etc.)
- Components (hard drives, CDRoms, circuit boards, power supplies, etc,)
- TVs
- VCR & DVD Players
- Audio visual devices
- Radios/Stereos
- Cell Phones, pagers, PDAs
- Telecommunication (phones, answering machines, etc.)
They'll also take old CDs, DVDs, VHS and audio tapes and their cases (but they have to send these off somewhere else to get recycled, so if you take them, give a small donation).

More here.

Bonus points if you buy recycled disks etc from GreenDisk in future.

Double bonus points if you sign the Greenpeace petition telling Apple what c*nts they are for not doing more to reduce the toxic shit in, and help the recycling of, all the little shiny boxes we love.

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