anyone who hasn't been living under a rock the past few weeks knows that there is a major sporting event going on...and it doesn't involve a cup.

the dallas mavericks and the miami heat have been battling it out over the past twelve days in the nba finals, with the mavs finally losing to the world champion miami heat.

there is a band from dallas, called Lazer, and they're huge fans of the dallas mavericks. in fact they're such big fans, that they entered a contest to come up with a theme song for the mavs, called "M-F-F-L (Mavericks Fan For Life). and based on their photos, i don't think they're involved with 'cups' either.

sadly, they didn't win the contest, Big Tuck did.

even gorilla vs. bear got in on the act. they seem to be pullin' for the mavs. damn right.

what other professional sports team out there has inspired the creation of such artistic genius? don't know. but mavs fans love their team, and we don't EVER give up hope. congrats miami. we'll get you next year.

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