mrs. featherbottom has sung... 

(november 2002 - february 2006)

there will be no more hop-ons on the bluth stair-car...
the banana stand is closed...
the yacht has disappeared...
the chicken dance has left the building...
goodbye annyong!
the countdown is... final.

other people have been speculating,
but this soul-crushing letdown is an official LDT EXCLUSIVE:

the AD signs were all over NYC this weekend. for those of you i didn't already exclama-text(TM) - i saw G.O.B., a.k.a. will arnett, on 2nd avenue friday night and nearly jumped out of a moving taxi to ca-caw him. (take that as you will.)

and then, last night, my brother spotted david cross outside the restaurant where we were having dinner and couldn't help but run over to hug him (guess he's more of a tobias man), and say how much he loved the show. but when he asked if/when showtime was gonna pick them up, david gave him a sad headshake, and the confirmation that all hope is lost. it's officially over.

hmm. unless...

- - -

= what's in a name?
= cross your fingers, and your david
= $@!* the olympics


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