sxsw play by play | 2nd quarter 

- - thursday, march 16th, beastie boys @ stubb's


2nd quarter kicks off with a wake up call. and a giant, delicious, texadelphia cheesesteak with extra mustard blend sauce. mmm. and some chips and queso, of course. if jac hasn't made you dip yo chip in the mustard blend, my friend, you are missing out. nick popped in (with sweet shades) after his breakfast of champions: an einstein's bagel, diet mountain dew, brown sugar & cinnamon pop tarts, and peanut m&m's. apparently, he was having trouble catching all the jokes thrown his way, so we asked him a'leve.

and then ANDREW! finally rolled up from san antonio in his pimped out spaceship-mobile. and took down his first texadelphia in 2 minutes flat (putting matt low's previous record to shame.) yahoo. our sxsw posse of '06 was officially a team - and suddenly, we realized our 0 cars of yesterday, had multiplied to 5 cars. not sure how that math works. but the meters are a bitch.

at this point it was mid-afternoon, and we had yet to see any music. so with bellies full and no one needing a sit-down, we walked down the drag to urban outfitters, where foreign born were playing. they were good. the singer has quite a swagger - very britt daniels. and the sound is a little bit spoon, a little bit old U2.

then we bid adieu to todd and dawn who were rockstar troopers, and headed down to diesel to pick up our passes for their party that night that we (whoops) never attended. actually, wait! andrew and robbie did. i think they caught the spinto band and some free drinks. so there ya go. and we got some cool posters. we think. they're all still in jacque's rental car in austin.

i'd say it was all very strategic, to hit everything right there on the (main campus) drag. but ninja please, it was all for the texadelphia. did i mention the mustard sauce?

so we funneled down our cars to two and headed east for the vice kills texas party at my new favorite bar, longbranch inn. after jac and nick embarrased us all in a british tv interview... we managed to get in just in time to catch the end of the islands set. as well as some lone star. some beaver - stuffed and otherwise. and of course, some johnny cash. oh yeah, and we ran into our old friend marshall, of the unbearables, who also just started his own record label... we met marshall last sxsw at the SPIN mag afterparty. so hey marshall - happy 1 year anniversary of knowing us. ha. then on our way out we watched the islands singer nick diamonds inappropriately grope his girlfriend in public.

from there we headed to the mean eyed cat to see the go! team. nick and jac went straight over and managed to snag the last of the free pearl lights. while andrew, jacob and i swung a U-ey to pick up his BFF robbie and piper and richard and rola and naila... and thus began another classic joke (for me) for the weekend. 2 in the front, 5 in the back.

we all stood right up front and watched ninja cheerlead her way through an energetic show. and jac and i planned their next merchandising opportunity - "sweatin to the go! team" aerobic videos. we hung out there for a bit on the patio drinking our $5 pitchers of lone star and munchin' on the hottest wasabi peanuts ever. nick sez: "don't eat two at a time. pain."

the next stop was stubb's (bbq joint). we had heard that there was going to be a surprise sssssshhhhhhhhow at 7, but don't tell anyone. *cough* beastie boys *cough* when we arrived, apparently the secret was out. the line went for blocks, and the only people they were letting in were those with badges. we all looked at each other to see if anyone was wearing a badge. nope. only four sad (but purty) wristbands.

we thought about getting a table out back and sneaking our way to a view that way... but the wait was over 2 hours already. so we ordered some stubb's bbq 2go and went to the downstairs bar to have a tecate and eat our food. while we were down there, we made the best decision of our sxsw06 trip: to go potty.

as we were finishing up our food, the crowd outside roared, and the familiar looped-bassline of "root down" rumbled its way into the bar. that's when the infamous text from jacob came in: USE THE BATHROOM DOOR. done. one at a time, we slipped out through an unguarded door next to the men's room. just in time... to see the beasties run through a greatest hits set that high school dreams are made of. mixmaster mike was off the hook. and the boys look like they've finally settled into their new age bracket. man, we've each seen em a few times over the years and were a little disappointed. but this was incredible.

after beasties, nick ran to go meet up with his brother at the convention center to finally get the keys to eve's cozy abode... while jac, jacob and i headed for beauty bar and caught a bit of the cribs set outside.

then we all met back up for a sit-down rock-out to film school at club deville. ah, old age. the sit-downs have been much more frequent this year. mind you, we were on our feet, either walking or dancing for pretty much the entire day. no stops at the motel to change this year. no naps. no players on the bench.

then back to beauty bar - where nick posed as jacob villanueva to get in. smartly telling the doorman that he had forgotten his ID so as not to give away his secret non-mexican identity. hmmm. when we got outside, annie's hip shake brought all the boys to the yard. but left us with a pretty lame and awkward performance.

andrew, robbie and piper tried to come meet up but at that point it was a madhouse. the free vodka had started flowing and wolfmother was about to hit the stage. I..I the place went from a comfortable buzz to a bucket tip situation. and wolfmother-fucker (as we now call them) did not disappoint.

shortly thereafter we busted out to get a good spot for islands at emo's IV. the set earlier was just a tease. we needed a proper fix. but after a long wait and awkward set up, the islands finally took the stage, drunk as skunks. the singer walked straight off the stage during the first song, falling into the crowd. on purpose. i think. leaving a lonely mic on the floor for the rest of the show. not their best showing. but a rickety, bobbly start settled into some great numbers later on - like nick's new favorite song "where there's a will, there's a whalebone." jac got some great pictures and we befriended our fellow islanders around us, inlcuding some young-ins who'd driven in from texas A&M (?!) and a pretty young thing (male) who had some serious eyes for nick (the one on stage).

from there we headed for the soco. a whooole different kind of southern comfort. this one's short for south congress area where the lovely factory people store, and more importantly afterparty, resides. there, we drank free vodka with various forms of oversweetened and overcaffeinated mixers and gossiped with crackers while andrew and robbie made like patrick swayze and jennifer gray. the only band we caught was shiny toy guns. because as of when we left at around 3:30am to get some grub - the gossip and the presets hadn't even shown signs of setting up... yet. lord.

so jac begrudgingly drove our drunk asses (2 in the front, 5 in the back) down to magnolia cafe. where pancakes were fought over, stingers were thrown (and called out by the singer of the cloud room), credit cards were charged for miniscule amounts, and andrew offered $20 to the first person to get him in bed.

and thus, the 2nd quarter comes to a close around, oh, 5:30am? i believe... good night, and good luck. enjoy the halftime show, aka nap. see you kids in the 3rd! look alive!

(this quarter was co-written aka cobbled together from blurry memory with nick manske)

- -

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