my week. 

we start off on sunday. it got a bit colder after i shaved my head.

but things heated up on wednesday as andrew had game night at his apartment. we were playing balderdash, and jacq'n eve took a break to look up the word 'exophagy'. good luck finding it in that book.

on thursdee, it was aaRon's birthday, so we went bowlin'. this has to be the most amazing shot in bowling. immediately after this picture was taken, he got a frickin' strike. i'm serious. (photo props to someone using aaron's camera, not sure who...) happy birthday aaRon!

then friday rolled around, and we went to orchard bar. sarah, aka ultragrrrl, celebrated her 26th birthday. happy birthday sarah!

let's get to ed's superbowlparty. STEP ON IT SUCKA!
jac, you thinkin' what i'm thinkin'? SNACK ATTACK MOTHAFUCKA!

crest whitestrips update. i think the damn things are actually working, nate. see last week's 'my week' to compare. and tune in next week for the sparkling conclusion:


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