when it comes to hyping minneapolis band tapes 'n tapes, this post probably falls somewhere between the inno vators and the rest of the curve.

there's absolutely nothing postpunk-y or swedish or state-themed about em. in fact, i swear there's not a single violin on the entire album. but jac lynn, you still best live out your early adopter dreams while you can, because after next week's slate of shows at the delancey, piano's, mercury lounge & rothko, you can bet the tapes 'n tapes stair-car will be full of hop ons.

i had some niiiice quality time with new album the loon on my 5 1/2 hour drive to syracuse and can tell you it's great all the way through. i'm pretty sure at one point or another, i declared each song my favorite (to my cat, who was loving life in his carrier in the backseat) so i had a lot of trouble choosing just 3 to share.

but i did. so check out these tracks and then feel free to volunteer for which show you'll be joining me.

:: 10 gallon ascots ::
:: insistor ::
:: omaha ::

click the album artwork below to buy
tapes n' tapes the loon
for just $10:

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