austin represent. anyone wanna come with me to see hometown boys, sound team, play tomorrow night at mercury lounge?

from what i've heard so far, they're a little bit strokes, a little bit spoon, and a little bit friends of arcade fire. i mean, kinda like all those guys... except good. ha. needless to say, i'm psyched to see them live. especially since i've already accidentally missed them in concert. twice. first, when they opened for arcade fire at summerstage. and then again at ACL. so this time, i'm there.

TOMORROW, 9:30pm @ mercury lounge
tickets will be on sale at the door, $10
new episode of gilmore girls be damned.

here's one song to get you started -
sound team ::back in town::

and yes nate, i know this is an mpTHREEsome and (even though that's pun enough for me) you don't like it when i post less than 3 songs at a time. well don't cry about it. download 2 other tracks from their new WORK EP, at my old kentucky home. or in the music section of the sound team homepage.

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