the ow owww! edition.

tonight, the arctic monkeys will be jumping on my bed (aka the bowery ballroom). and not that any of you need any extra "get hype" hype for the show. but these live tracks are sure to do it anyway. i'm a little drunk just listening.

the arctic monkeys LIVE at the 'in the city' radio 1 gig:

:: a certain romance [live] ::

:: fake tales of san francisco [live] ::

:: i bet you look good on the dancefloor [live] ::

[all tracks and image courtesy of the official arctic monkeys forum]

**i'm not hosting these mp3s, they're rapidshare files, so follow these instructions to download:
click the link, you'll be taken to another page with a little chart. scroll down and click the free button at the bottom left corner of the chart. the next page is the download page. scroll down to the bottom and option/control-click the link as you normally would to download. you may have to wait up to 30 seconds for your "download ticket" to load. whatever. just wait until the song title pops up. you can only download one at a time.

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