ask for the 'brooklyn fade' 

i know it's completely last minute, but anyone wanna join me at the unisex salon tonight?

they're scheduled to play pianos around 9:30 or 10, which is pretty much right now so get your shoes on. but then again it's pianos. so make that midnight or 1 am.

i'll update this post later with mp3s and better stories and such, but right now i don't have time so let's just go with some miscellaneous facts. unisex salon is a five-piece band that would feel right at home in a scene from hedwig and the angry inch. their EP was produced by gordon raphael of strokes fame. there are 2 singers (one of whom is my lovely friend gina), a few duets and a whole lotta synth.

ps. nate if you look on their site, you'll notice that they too are concerned about the love epidemic.

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