anyone got a 5 1/4" floppy? 

yesterday, team ARP* - andrew, natalie and i - found ourselves a mere 15 points away from a glamorous prize package at the TURKEY HUNT NYC. a citywide scavenger hunt put together by... some people who hang out with people we hang out with.

let me back up a little. i'm not always the best about recapping events on here. but the scavenger hunt wound up being one of the most fun new york days ever, so i figured it deserved a good write up. andrew and i first (over)heard about the TURKEY HUNT last weekend whilst discussing fingernail fungus and STD's over a 4 margarita brunch at cafe juanita (delicious, by the way.) our waiter happened to be one of the organizers and sold us in immediately with the promise of free food and beer.

here's how it worked: teams met in union square at noon with a digital camera and a backpack to receive their hunting orders and a coupon for a free chipotle burrito. the official start time was 1pm, and teams had until 6pm to check off as many points on the list as they could and get to B-side bar for judging (and open bar). half of the list were things the teams had to physically collect around the city, and the other half were people/places/tasks that had to be photographed. there were also a few mandatory stops along the way (like chipotle for lunch, and welcome to the johnson's for... a shot) where you had to pick up stickers. if you missed any of those or were late to the end destination your team would be disqualified.

andrew and i started out as the most ramshackle team ever. first of all, we were late. i didn't even think we would wind up going. you know how you always talk about doing adventurous shit like that but don't really do it... so i didn't even wake up that morning until 12:30pm. i nearly forgot my camera battery and i had for some reason brought a ski coat that took up my entire bag.

when we saw the checklist we actually laughed out loud. it was 2 full pages and they were not shitting around. some of the big ticket items involved taking photos at coney island, both baseball stadiums, on the staten island ferry and in the middle of the GW bridge. a few of the other teams were hardcore bike messengers and they'd already taken off before i even made it to union square.

so after we immediately checked off our first 2 items to collect - something gay and something straight - we headed into the east village to find some more easy ones: metrocards, chopsticks, drugs, etc. clean stuff in my clean bag. dirty stuff in andrew's dirty bag. and a bottle of hand sanitizer in my pocket.

for bigger points, we took photos of a pilgrim.

and a... goat. (points for effort, come on)

who we later sacrified in a masonic ritual

then we tried to challenge some locals to a game of handball,

but no one would face us. they were obviously scared. i mean, uh, intimidated by how GOOD we were. plus they were busy watching avenue Q.

after all that running around, andrew got hungry and stopped off for some fries.

but it wasn't until we picked up natalie - who was all geared up to go - that team ARP* really came together.

she totally stepped up the team spirit to a new level.

so i fixed us a little celebratory cocktail. and we got down to bidness.

we didn't find everything we were looking for, but we always tried our best. like maybe we couldn't find the hell's angels office, but we did find this guy:

and maybe i didn't have the balls to steal a communion wafer, but i did feed this squirrel a rock and make him cross himself after:

and maybe andrew couldn't get a tequila shot for free at welcome to the johnsons... but he did get this shot of hot sauce:

for that, among other reasons... andrew was voted MVP of team ARP*

we originally had no hopes of winning, or even breaking middle groud, but instead we wound up scoring a respectable 4th place spot. not to mention another free burrito coupon for chipotle, lots of free red stripe, and a day o' most enjoyable humiliation.

in the end, we were soooo close. just finding that floppy and an egg roll could have bumped us up to 3rd. or if only my tupac memorial shirt wasn't at the cleaners...

ah well, next time. at the EASTER HUNT. see you all there.

*ask me later over a drink, andrew named us...

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