my week. 

this week was pretty low-key. after the past two crazy weeks, i kinda took it easy. it started off with a bang though. monday was the last night that all four manske boys were tearing up new york, and we decided to do something different, exotic, and like nothing that we could do anywhere in austin, texas. so we played foosball. in a bar about 3 blocks from my apartment.

monday was also the day that my mom got married. here is the happy couple hamming it up at the courtroom. congratulations mom!

on tuesday, mom sent me this picture, taken from their front yard in wichita, kansas. as an aside, team freelance member and co-captain matthew low has connections to kansas, dontcha matt?

so friday rolled around, and...well...um...actually, most pics of nate are just hard to explain. so i'll let the picture do all the talking...

then on saturday night, the paparazzi got me again. this time i got caught violating a balloon.

and it wasn't the first time. i think i have a problem.


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