my week. 

this week's theme is water. and for once, it didn't solely revolve around the devil's kind. we start off wednesday night at #1 chinese, at a party called BANG! there was an open svedka vodka bar and a large acquarium downstairs. i somehow missed the open bar, but what i didn't miss was some sort of eel or ray trying to eat this fish, who just happens to be the stupidest looking creature i've ever seen in my life. he deserves to be eaten.

this dragon was found in a back hallway at the bottom of some stairs. i thought it was really cool.

on thursday i got bored, and so with nothing to do, i took my broke ass down to the waterfront in williamsburg, and took some pictures of the beautiful new york skyline at dusk. in this one, you can see the williamsburg, manhattan, and brooklyn bridges.

so friday finally came, and it was the moment we were all waiting for: bridget's 31st birthday party! caution: excessive cupcake use. protective eye wear must be worn at all times.

and what better way to work off a cupcake hangover, than by going to the beach. this is what my island (nicholasburg) would look like. complete with everything you see here, including godzilla in the yellow shorts, who ended up being the death of my castle.

everything was so beautiful, we decided to stay overnight. it was the perfect weekend.


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