my week. 

on tuesday, i went to see Zardoz at APT. zardoz is a film from 1974 starring sean connery in a red loin cloth. but more importantly, afterwards i went to happy ending for an open bar with ginger infused vodka. it wasn't that great, but it was free. and there was underwear hanging from the ceiling.

on thursday, i went to the darkroom, and then to san loco. i don't remember WHAT I SAW, but jacque saw a drunk guy with a camera.

on friday, we were to play MAFIA at jacquie's, but not enough people showed up. so we played balderdash and put things on darwin/thumbs/snoop/kwittie. he didn't like it, and took action:

and to get ready for the MAFIA party that never happened, jacquie multitascqued. she cleaned both her teeth and her floor. at the same time.

on saturday i went to the beach with jackin' nate. no one else could rally or they were out of town, except mr. steven seagull.

then nate and i went to misshapes where there was an open sparks bar, and we...um...well...what tha...i dunno...

on sunday we went and saw 'wedding crashers', and it was one of the worst movies i've ever seen. then we sold tom into slavery, which he would've preferred.


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