lazy ladies choose badminton 

i've been accumulating lots to post, but can't be bothered to do them each justice. so here's just a quick hit list:

+ not quite necrophilia, but hunter s. thompson did get blown 6 months after his death.

+ listen to do they know it's hallowe'en over at vice - it’s the new "we are the world" except it benefits UNICEF and ole stevie, sting, michael and george michael have been taken over by zombies karen o., beck, david cross, win & regina...

+ and well bloodyshitpissvomitlickingdirtysexwithsmallchildrenanimalsandgrandma, gosh darn it, the aristocrats was great. go see it sans popcorn. or chocolate. trust me.

+ and in related sick and twisted movie news, here's the preview for jesus is magic.

+ is anyone else going to one of these? jac and i got tickets for day 2 coney island with beck. whichever show you're into, make sure to get your tickets at the irving plaza box office and save like $15 in ticketbastard charges. unless you're actually choosing the killers over the pixies. in which case, you should have to pay extra.

+ what a cool legacy. if only i wasn't gonna be in italy that day. sigh. poor me.

+ and lastly, but definitely not leastly, don't forget about the talking about tom spectacular at lincoln film center, september 6. i got four tickets so if you want one of those let me know. otherwise you can find the giggles here.

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