my week. 

on monday, i was captured by the paparazzi at the frying pan (they take the worst pictures):

on tuesday, there were a bunch of really loud firetrucks outside of the razor-wired compound i like to call my apartment. they were obviously at the wrong place...

because the only thing flaming was at orchard bar on friday:

whoops. i skipped thursday, where natalie enjoyed some delicious grilled table at esparanto. it was dense, kinda like our waitress:

we think she was lost in the forest, so we went and looked for her at morrisey park. we didn't find her, or natalie's steak, but we ended up getting lost too, in an open vodka bar cloud:

saturday i walked home across the williamsburg bridge. it was sunny and gorgeous, just like the rest of the weekend. there was a beach trip on sunday, but barbara took the day off for some reason (lazy), and never made it out of my bag. oops...


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