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(this post is from jacque schiller via cyberspace and ESPn)

We're in Vancouver. Everytime I have been here (this is only my second trip) it rains or snows. This time no exception, but...today is gorgeous! So I walked to Stanley Park. So nice. Mountains in the background. Pine trees. I sat on a bench and ate a Babybel I swiped from the airplane and some Finn Crisps. Happiness. There are some good shops here too, such as Dream and dadabase. On the culture front, I'm gonna try and catch Stars and maybe check out this artist Damian Moppett. I wasn't impressed with the art scene here last time around, but this guy sounds like a character. Don't pay attention to the gallery-speak bio on the link. Who writes that shit?

*Bad segue alert*

Here's my two cents on The Office, US version. As some of you may know, I have a thing about watching shows in reverse. Not each episode but the entire series, finale then start at the beginning. Normally this is fun. I can study character development. I don't know if this thing is only slated for 12 shows or not, but knowing all the jokes beforehand thing ain't working for me here. I didn't laugh out loud once. Maybe if I had never seen Gervais in action, but I just can't do it. Part of what made the UK one work is the actors were unknowns. Steve Carrel is a funny guy, but I know he's playing a character. A character already played to perfection by someone else. I half expect him to go into his Champ character from Anchorman, " I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother Dorothy Mantooth out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again." Sad thing is that probably garnered a chuckle at the time. Finally he comes off as kind of creepy. David Brent was ridiculous but you kind of felt sorry for him. Remember that Seinfeld episode where they all met up with their dopplegangers? Can you imagine if we had to accept that guy as Kramer? Whatever. At least I finally saw the special. Good god I must have been out of it as I made up a whole storyline that I insisted to Jacquie was how the series ended. Not so much. So, my opinion in a nutshell: downgrade.

Before heading north of the border, we were living yuppie style in the Penthouse of the Avalon hotel. We managed two lovely visits with Christa and Eric and hung out with Tom's friend John. Found out about Swink. I went by my lonesome to see The Futureheads and new Silverlake transplant Rebecca accompanied me to see Earlimart at Spaceland. Beards can be alright, even if they,"smell like a dog". Snuck down to the desert for our anniversary - #5 and later drove up the coastline to see the mudslide damage then on to pretend we were in Sideways. F.Y.I. - Solvang is a Danish town but no one speaks the language. Tom tried. He got ignored a lot.

That's a quick rundown. I've been a walking fool and have eaten at way to many chi-chi restaurants. I say all of this in the hopes that when we get back (on the 9th) all of us can go get some yummy normal food.

Any suggestions for Tom's bday (12th)? No steppin' on any Matt plans, of course.

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