does it hurt the first time you post on the blog? 

maybe i've posted before, but it feels like the first time.
i've been trying to think of what to post, a late bday present for jackie o. since i didn't arrange for the snow that night or anything, and so here's what i came up with. (eric and i actually found these when we were busy not working one day but he's not here so i'm taking the credit all for myself. 'cause that's how i roll. yo.)

spring is here and so i thought some cool t-shirt sites might be in order:

usa-t.com. you can choose your state or state bird. plus you get to pick the colors. (okay, there are only like 3 colors but i guarantee you'll fancy yourself a designer afterwards.) those of you from one of the square states might want to opt for the bird. but you good ole boys from texas need to be careful you don't get mistaken for bush supporters.

miltoncarter.com. this guy's an artist from brooklyn and all the shirts are hand-dyed. i was on this guy's tip before barney's and vice. hey, i'm just sayin'.

one more thing, non-clothing related, but i just read today that david lachapelle has a show aptly titled 'artists and prostitutes 1985-2005' at the deicht gallery (18 wooster) until april 16th if anyone's interested. i went to terry richardson's thing there, very similar theme. you can blow through the t&a in about 10 minutes (pun intended, it's late) and then we can get some iced coffee around the corner.
or we could just get iced coffee around the corner.

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