calling team zissou 

if you haven't already seen these -
so. fucking. cool.

the email that's been circulating with about 25 of these pics says these sea creatures were washed up on the shores of phuket after the tsunami hit. which actually isn't true.

but the photos are totally real. they were taken on a 2003 expedition to explore the deep sea life of the tasman sea. so if you're as freaked out and fascinated as i am - you can check out all kinds of unbelieveable photos and descriptions of what they found on their site: creature feature. worth some time. and there's a bbc article about the expedition here.

also, coincidence? or brilliant viral marketing?
james cameron's new IMAX film aliens of the deep came out today. i missed my appointed showtime today due to technical hangover difficulties. so i'm looking for someone to drag uptown with me next weekend (you'll have to be willing to hold my hand during any octopus close-ups.) more info here.

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