spooky sightings + a couple of treats 

1) Matt Lauer tucking his Halloweenie in a Paris Hilton get-up.
2) Lindsay Lohan singing about needing privacy all the while displaying her twins all too publicly.
3) Video-Mods, specifically Liesure Suit Larry covering "Ride with Me" Freaking scary.
4) Those aforementioned polls. And awkward hand movements. No more thumbs up, either of you.

So as not to be a downer:
1) Em saves some face in his "Mosh" video. No I haven't been watching too much MTV.
2) Okay I have. But their 20 Million Loud specials are fantastic - blantantly pro-Kerry.
3) Some famous pollster guy on the Daily Show predicts a burning Bush.
4) I can breathe out of both sides of my nose!

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