As of October 3 (Sunday), I will have been in New York City for one year. Sweet Jesus.

I've created and posted the transition to New York from Austin, through a slideshow of pictures complete with one sentence descriptions. It's quick, brief, doesn't waste too much of your time, and you'll be a better human being upon completion. Click here, and make sure you click the slideshow button. It also work better if you hit the stop button, and go to the next picture at your own leisure by clicking the forward button.

Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in the next year:
-Reclaim my nickname, "Dirty".
-Two words. "Pearl necklaces".
-Save a tree. Kill a mugger.
-Wear more eyeliner.
-Post more blogs.
-Finish a movie.
-Finish a movie that isn't porn.
-Eat more vegetables.
-Eat more vegetables that isn't porn.
-Be more random.

The list will grow and change every day, as I see fit.

And I'm glad to have met you all this past year. Most of you. At least a few. Here's to many more!

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