it's a small world, but it'd be pretty tough to clean. - kohl norville 

this post is for me, bret, eric, serendipity and anyone who likes to hang out at the room:

i decided to drive my sweet touristmobile (hello sebring convertible) up the PCH (pacific coast highway) this afternoon and got about as far as the santa monica mountains (which p.s. are not in santa monica). stopped off to check out some lovely vistas and zuma beach (i prefer to call it zumi beach). and on the way home decided to pick a roadside bar in malibu at random to enjoy a beer and watch the sunset. so. i pull up (valet, of course) at this joint called duke's. i grab a beer and start walking around looking for a place to sit when out of nowhere... i run into thomas (from the room). thomas! (from the room!) no shit. and then, i join his crew at at the barefoot bar (outdoor patio) and start introducing myself around the table. and that's when i spy kohl (from kentucky) sitting directly across from me. kohl! (from kentucky!) the rest is too complicated to explain here. but suffice to say, they were in town to shoot a bison (which is only slightly different than a buffalo).

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