turn offs: people who hate tv
turn ons: channel 102 

i love TRIO. best channel. ever.

jac introduced me to the TRIO channel (pop. culture. tv.) sometime last year. and ever since then, not a week has gone by that one of us didn't call the other, forgo all hellos and small talk about the emergency alert level, and demand that the other turn on TRIO. immediately.

today. it was jacque calling me about a pixies documentary. including some amazing concert footage, as well as interviews with blackie and the rest of the debasers, thom yorke, blur, bono, badly drawn boy, david bowie, etc. etc.

all this month they're doing a special "texas: america supersized" theme. so every night at 9pm they're running texas-related programming. whether it's a documentary about "texas teenage virgins" or the coen brothers classic "blood simple."

you can almost always find a great film, doc or live music on there. last month they let amy sedaris host a film fanatics series. and the month before, quentin tarantino did their nightly programming. they also run a series called "brilliant. but cancelled." about shows that were, um, brilliant. but cancelled.

tomorrow alone, you can catch the clash, neil young or ray davies.
fucking. great. tv.

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