Drink the Vote...er...Rock the Drink...er...Vote the Drink... 

All you political alcoholics/activists should join Nate and I tomorrow night.

Bar Crawl for Williamsburg with Ron Clinton (candidate for NYS Senate17th District) North Brooklyn Democratic Club.
Tomorrow, Friday, August 6
7pm at YABBY, Bedford and N.1st
8pm at IONA, Grand and Bedford
10pm at THE ABBEY, Driggs and N. 8th
11pm at UNION POOL, Union and Skillman
late- at EAST RIVER BAR, S. 6th and Berry
Join insurgent candidate Ron Clinton as he pub crawls his way to win the Sept 14th Democratic primary election for New York State Senate. Meet others who like their bars open late, believe sleep is over-rated and that our elected officials need to support all aspects of our community...especially the fun part! Our opponent is supporting Mayor Bloomberg's future proposal to close certain establishments early. Here's yourchance to find out what's happening in the Williamsburg and Bushwick political scene, question the candidate on your issues and find out how to vote for your right to party.

it'll be fun, and it's right across the wburg bridge. let's do this.

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