Calling all macho men/women 

do any of you guys or girls like playing football? and by football, i mean american flag/two-below football. sean and i want to get a group together and play on the weekends. there's a park in williamsburg that's pretty close to our apartments and it's perfect for playing ball. it's not as big as central park, so it wouldn't be as crowded, and it's a little closer to all of us LES/wburgites. we talked about this yesterday, and i told labounty (when playing football, everyone is referred to by their last names, it's the rule) i'd post it on the blog. so here you go. we want to start playing this weekend, so if any of you creative, artistic nancys enjoy throwing a football and scoring touchdowns, let's do it.

let the non-comments begin...

manske, #30

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