been a long time 

This morning I ate a cilantro chive biscuit. Quite tasty, though I found out as I was leaving the bakery also offers jalapeno cheddar muffins. Next time.

I also responded to a forwarded email (from mom, of course) saying to read the label on Heinz pickles. They're made in Mexico which means that everything Kerry says about overseas jobs blah, blah blah. I sent her and her Texas buddies to http://factcheck.org/article.aspx?docID=224 which will hopefully set the record straight. If you're pestered by silly emails about the NRA and other evil entities, that site is great for blowing holes in blowhards' stories.

My mom is a Dem by the way. Her friends just try to spook her.

Finally next time you're in the grocery go to the baby food aisle and pick up some sweet potato puffs. Yum!

That's my update. Latest concerns are food and saving the planet from whisper rumors. Different from other weeks how?

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