Attention Bloggers! Open Call for Opinions! 

and I know you have some!!!

here's your chance to rant and rave (and actually have people listen and not think you're a lunatic) about the RNC and surrounding events.

Tonight and tomorrow at 7:00pm, on Manhattan's community access channel, MNN (Time Warner 34 or 78, RCN Channel 110 and digital cable channel 107) is the premiere of "Konscious Convention" (the brainchild of the collaboration between my hubby, Shawn, and the folks at Konscious Media - along with volunteers like myself)

It's a live, interactive show covering the convention and protests. You can watch on tv (if you live in Manhattan) or online at konscious.tv

AND, here's the exciting part. You can chat and post questions to other viewers or the person being interviewed (and the tele-journalist sees all posts REAL-TIME). So, basically, YOU direct the show!

More information can be found at konscious.tv

Get excited people! The GOP is here. What do you have to say about it?!?

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