Travel Virginia! 

The wonderful, democratic, and faithful Virginia government has recently succeeded in slowing down the SOcietal DestructiOn Machine (S.O.D.O.M.), also known as the Homosexual Agenda. The full article is here. Here's a small excerpt:

"The state's Affirmation of Marriage Act, which prohibits gay marriage, was amended this year to also ban civil unions and arrangements 'purporting to bestow the privileges of marriage.' Gays fear it may interfere with legal contracts, such as powers of attorney, medical directives and wills.

'This is a national issue,' said Jay Porter of Seattle, who with his partner created the boycott Web site. (www.VirginiaIsForHaters.com) 'Someone came up with this really punitive legislation and got it through the state legislature and in my mind, that could happen just about anywhere in the U.S.'"

Do not let the S.O.D.O.M.ites sway us from our course of a great and loving society. Please join me in supporting companies based in Virginia by buying cigarettes and shopping at J.Crew.

Heterosexually yours,

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