fuuuuuck me. part 2 : things i won't be here for 

some are repeats - as now i won't be here on wednesday as originally planned, er, mistaken. but please get smashed on vodka sodies, take lots of pics and proclaim each one the best show you've ever been to - in my honor.

in return, i will get smashed on free margaritas, fall asleep in the sunshine and proclaim each fish i see while snorkeling the most beautiful one i've ever seen - in yours.

*the secret machines @ bowery ballroom (afterparty: the delancey)
*the killers @ merc lounge
*the beasties @ prospect park bandshell FREE

*french kicks instore @ bloomies soho FREE
*keane instore @ virgin megastore FREE
*the killers / SPIN party @ rothko

*farenheit 9/11 opens everywhere
*ted leo & sons and daughters @ seaport/pier 17 FREE
*enon @ rothko
*les savy fav @ volume

*cat power @ east river amphitheater (daytime) FREE

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