where do you get off? 

this is from morgen--not margie--just to clarify cause she is a little worried about what i might say.

1. so it is Lone Wolf and Cub. Check it out. If y'all like, i'll host a lone wolf and cub night at chez morgen.

2. For those fascinated with the evolution of my motorcycle fetish, I failed inspection yesterday. Not because of anything i did "to" the bike per se, but certainly because i bought a bike that is 25 years old. I failed to notice a couple of things which will make all of our lives a whole lot safer once they are addressed. Thanks god to the inspectional services. I will try to have it approved by the appropriate arm of the government by the end of May for road trips to Connecticut.

3. get on it: the ORIGINAL GODZILLA is at Film Forum this week with lots of good <> that was cropped out of the initial release. Let's get on it and see this thing before it's too late!!!! You will not want to tell your children you missed it. It ends the 20th.

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