people who are smarter than you (aka I.T.P.) 

the interactive telecommunications grad program at nyu (ITP) is putting on their spring show TODAY and TOMORROW. it's kind of like science fair except with stuff you might actually care about. "student artists and innovators host an exhibition of their work including multimedia installations, physical computing and interaction design, sound and video design projects" (aka some cool ass shit).

just as an example: the whole dodgeball phenomenon (aka phonester) was one student's project that came out of this program.

and keep an eye out for the mega-multi-media-talented shawn van every (aka karen's hubby) who will be walking around with his interactive tele-journalism thesis project... and coordinating some kind of high-tech-y concept fashion show.

today and tomorrow
(may 11-12)
@ tisch school of the arts
721 broadway, 4th floor

go early if you can. it gets pretty crowded.

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