lollapa-loo-za : rock of ages 

we were stuck in so much traffic, i jumped out of my own car (that i was driving) and went door to door asking people if i could use their bathroom. they all said no. so i peed in a ditch. i have no idea how i found my friends at the gate. or my car later that night. ahhh. sweet seventeen. those were the days.

oh yeah, and the bands were: red hot chili peppers, ministry, ice cube, soundgarden, the jesus and mary chain, pearl jam, lush...

we'll be stuck in so much traffic, i'll jump out of the rental car (that i'll be driving) and go door to door asking people if i can take a short nap on their couch. and they'll all say no. and i'll pass out in a ditch... cause by now i must be far too freaking old to go to lollapalooza again.

oh yeah, and the bands will be: morrissey, PJ harvey, sonic youth, the flaming lips, danger mouse, the von bondies, the walkmen, the string cheese incident, modest mouse, le tigre, gomez, BRMC, the polyphonic spree, broken social scene, the datsuns, bumblebeez 81, the secret machines, the thrills, the killers, sahara hotnights, the datsuns, sound tribe sector 9, elbow, wheat, the coup, dresden dolls, and perry farrell as DJ peretz.

hi. so that works. still waiting for NY dates. but 2 day lawn passes will cost just $50.

holy crap your pants fantastic UPDATE!! the ny dates are august 16-17. the location is randall's island. the newly confirmed guests for the 17th are the pixies.

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