can can canada 

so when your computer blinks on and off, restarts itself and makes pixelated blocks all over the screen, something is wrong, yes? or should i say, eh?

mixed bag here, i'm in the business centre working on an ibm. there are 1,768,452 places i'd rather be, so:

1) a moment yesterday
MAN with twitching face on street: i got these things (broken speakers) from my brother and they're heavy. what should i do?
ME: why don't you go in one of those stores and ask for a big bag.
MAN: a bag? oh yeah, okay. a bag. can you wait here with my stuff while i go find a bag?

you can guess how i responded.

2) too many places serving sushi. and they're getting giant so that you poke your eye out with soft shell crab legs or cucumbers. like a damn bloody mary. and, they don't fit in your mouth in one bite.

3) there is still a huge goth scene here. and the 80's thing is very popular. so, no cute shoes back from this trip. great vintage stores, however.

4) couldn't get tix to sondre lerche, but i did go in the horseshoe tavern early and saw him set up. works for me.

5) i miss cheese thundercloud subs with chow chow.

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