can can canada part deux 

1. canadians like to point out how many famous people are from canada. i'd like to point out they all live in the states.

2. there is an ad there on constant rotation for hotdogs. the tagline? 100% Meat.
no beef. no pork. but meat.

3. speaking of celebrities, there were two in our hotel: faith ford and mike o'malley. wow, why ever travel to l.a. with stars of that caliber in toronto?

4. definately the highlight of my trip: the convention center was nearby and they were hosting "the largest anti-aging conference" in north america. as you kids know, i'm getting up there (for those who don't know, i'm 32 on may 24th. hint, hint). sidenote to jacquie - i ain't scared. anyway, so i went over to see what was up and hopefully snag a goodie bag full of lotions and potions to keep me young and fresh faced.

the giant poster of joan rivers at the entrance should have tipped me off.

it was a conference on anti-aging alright, just not of the natural sort. silicone boobies laid out on tables. live botox demonstrations. body fat measurements and laser hair removal. scopic blood screening and face threading - which is the most frankensteinish thing i witnessed. they actually sew your face up and tie it off under your scalp. a so-called non-surgical facelift.

thinking i'll just stick to sunscreen and leafy greens.

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