bush block 

disney is trying to block the miramax release of michael moore's new documentary about the pre- and post- 9-11 hijinks of goofy (bush) and donald (rumsy) and friends... entitled FARENHEIT 9/11. the film links bush and cohorts with powerful saudi families including the bin ladens. if you don't already know, disney owns miramax. and florida "owns" disney. and right now another bush "owns" florida. in other words, major tax breaks are at stake here people. most likely, miramax will do this one KIDS-style and just create a separate arm of distribution that's unaffiliated with disney to release the movie. or maybe disney will decide it's time to defrost ole walt to get them out of this sticky pickle. either way, the film will debut later this month at the cannes film festival. and should be at a theater near you by mid-summer. go see it. (this one's for you gimpy)

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