Are rants allowed? 

Most Blogs are about upcoming events or funny things, but this one is just me posting my thoughts. But if that's illegal, then, um...let's, uh, go drink some day...or something.... There, now it's an official blog.

So, today marks my one year anniversary of graduating from college. Let's take a look at how my life has changed and if college is really worth the expense.

One year ago:
Working on a movie at a respectable ad firm.
In a relationship
Lived in Austin
Lived at home

Working at a stock firm
Living in New York City
Have my own apartment with my brother

Hmm...both have their pros and cons. I miss being able to tell people proudly where I work and what I do. I miss the ranch our house is on. I miss Austin in general every now and then.

I'm happy being single. But actually it might be more being happy that I'm not in that particular relationship. I think it's natural to want to be with someone. I absolutely love having an apartment and my own room and a perfect living situation with Nick and everything. I like paying bills. Sounds weird, but it signifies independence. I really hate my job right now.

So. If I traveled back in time and told Past Nathan, "What's up, dude. Congrats on graduating. In one year from now, you'll be (see above)." What would Past Nathan think? Would he be happy or worried? Optimistic or take a different path? The answer?

I wouldn't have waited until the end of the summer to move; I would have bought a plane ticket immediately. If I had stayed in Austin, I could have lived there the rest of my life. My life would be content, but would have been stagnant. Yeah, I hate my job, but it just makes me realize that I'm meant for bigger and better things than the shit I'm doing now. So fuck it. Bring it on. Let's do this. Where's my Rockstar and vodka?

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